Welcome to Winchester Tree Services!

We are based at Scottow, near North Walsham, Norfolk and offer a full range of residential and commercial tree services as well as supplying logs and wood chip.

We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, friendly and safety-conscious. We are equally happy to do one-off jobs or work with you over time on conservation and planting projects.Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a free quotation.

Winchester Tree Services - Tree RemovalTree Removal

Once the decision has been made to remove a tree Winchester Tree Services will survey the site and decide on suitable methods to undertake the work safely and without damage to other trees and property. Large trees will often need to be felled in sections so that they can be taken down safely.

Winchester tree services - Tree PruningTree Pruning

Pruning is employed to improve tree shape or to removed damage and decay. Trained arborists use Natural Target Pruning to reduce the risk of decay spreading through the tree.

altTree Planting

All aspects of tree planting can be undertaken, including selection, sourcing, planting and on-going maintenance. Our experience includes hedging, orchard establishment and replanting to replace trees removed due to damage or disease.

altHedge Trimming

All types of hedges can be trimmed or reduced in height to improve appearance and manage the shape of future growth.

altVines & Climbers

Trees can be terminally damaged by vines and climbers. These should be removed to ensure the health of the host tree.

altStump Grinding

Tree removal can result in the stump of the tree being left.  Stump grinding takes the stump back to ground level.

altCrown lifting

Crown lifting is when the lower branches of a tree are removed so the canopy of the tree starts higher to allow more light or safe passage of people or vehicles.

altStorm Damage

Winchester Tree Services offers a 24 hour emergency storm damage call out service. We will make an immediate inspection visit to assess damage and take any urgent action required to make the tree safe pending further work.

altLogs/Wood Chip

All wood harvested from our tree surgery is processed and sold as firewood and hardwood chips are sold as garden mulch. Please contact us for information on prices.